“Difference is the reality of our world.”

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

A path for increasing
competencies to live in
a diverse world


Foundation Institute for Socio-Economic Balance

IRSE Foundation vision is an inclusive society, which can take benefits of diversity. The mission of the foundation is to create the space for dialogue, sharing the ideas and experiences leading to develop civic and social activities of each social groups and institutions working in the field of education. Its activities are focused on anti-discrimination and intercultural education. Email: biuro@irse.pl


Elios is a youth organisation focus on non formal education for young people and adults, mainly on the topic of human rights education, youth participation and active lifestyles. Elios promotes, since its very beginning, a local campaign (“Against New Addictions”) focused on the right use of internet and social media: through projects and local activities the organisation promotes sport and open air activities in order to prevent the addictions phenomena. Email: info@eliosacireale.com


I-PARTICIPATE aims to strengthen active citizenship, to support active participation among citizens and to promote European values, ideas and European identity and culture, while at the same time highlighting lifelong learning as a necessary means for strengthening citizenship. It believes that active citizenship does not end in active participation neither it depends only on politics and taking part in elections, but it encompasses personal, social, political and human rights.

Make it Better

Make it Better complies a multidisciplinary team that works in areas such as sustainable development, education, social responsibility, social economy and social entrepreneurship. Its mission is the development of human society, in all its dimensions, namely, economic, social, environmental and cultural, linked to moral duties of solidarity and justice and all the other values registered in its charter of principles. Email:  info@makeitbetter.pt


The overarching mission of KulturLife is the facilitation and dissemination of Global Learning as a building block of a peaceful and prosperous living together in a globalized world. Within the realm of learning, KulturLife focuses on non-formal learning processes that involve a fundamental change of the learner to increase his capacities in dealing with change and in democratic participation. Email: eva@kultur-life.de, constanze@kultur-life.de

Sugo Design

Sugo Design is a design company with over 20 years of experience that loves new and challenging projects. It has developed several partnerships with public, private and non-profit institutions in many different areas of expertise. Some proposals were specifically designed to help local and small communities’ development through renovation of old traditions interacting with new players and methods. Email: sugo@sugodesign.pt


Once upon a time there was a person named Carol, living in a cozy, beautiful town, surrounded by loved ones. Carol felt very good in its environment, understood everyone around and easily could find the best way of dealing with everyday challenges. (S)he liked long walks and was always curious what’s beyond the town’s borders. Once Carol walked the whole day and found another town. It looks similar to the known one: buildings had roofs, trees were green, but here and there Carol could find things, which were strange, interesting, but for sure different. Also people’s behaviors on the street and rituals in restaurants and public places were not clear. How could I speak with them? How could my life in this town look like? How to deal with these differences? Many questions came to Carol’s mind. (S)he was not aware that with all these questions the life long journey to reaching intercultural competences began. We invite you to join the journey.

The project is such a journey, started by organisations from Poland, Italy, Greece, Germany and Portugal aims to develop intercultural competences of young people and youth workers across Europe. On our way there will be many activities, we kindly invite you to take part, like: online meetings, youth exchanges, training courses, local workshops etc. Finally we would like to create a game, which will support in developing empathy, which we see as crucial to communicate effectively in cross-cultural situations and to relate appropriately in a variety of cultural contexts.

Get Involved

You are welcome to join the project’s activities. We will be happy to cooperate with you. If you are interested in intercultural learning, gamification, education in cross-cultural groups or international work, contact us.

We respect the GDPR. We only colect the data you submit here and you can ask to delete it at any time: biuro@irse.pl

Keep in

The Game

The game refers to constructivism – a new paradigm constructed by Milton Bennett and which has the visualization on Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity. Based on constructivism the aim of cultural learning is to develop the competencies, mostly empathy which help to recognise and understand different perspectives. Empathy allows us to intentionally shift our perspective towards that of another culture and eventually towards that of another person in that cultural context. In the game we would like to challenge players to take

the position of a person from a different culture to understand it’s perspective. The players will go through certain tasks which will develop their competences to interact with people from other cultural contexts.

The game is designed as a tool for educators (teachers, facilitators, trainers) to work with intercultural groups, including youth with migrant backgrounds to support mutual understanding and searching for the best way of dealing with intercultural clashes.

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